Launcing your own crypto payment business

What is a crypto payment gateway?

How can I launch a crypto payment gateway business?

How do I create a crypto payment gateway?

How do you set up a WhiteFlo crypto payment gateway?

What else needs to be done to run the software?

I want to open a crypto processing business, how much money do I need to ensure it?

For Crypto Payment Service Providers

Which businesses can benefit from the Crypto Payment Service Providers module?

What is a crypto processing software?

Crypto Processing via API

Which businesses are suitable for Instant Crypto Exchange and Business Wallet Software?

Does WhiteFlo offer exchange software?

Fiat-to-Crypto Transactions Software

What kind of businesses is Fiat-to-Crypto Transactions Software suitable for?

What is a fiat-to-crypto transactions gateway?

Technical aspects

Stack and Development

What languages WhiteFlo work on?

Modifications and improvements of the platform

Can WhiteFlo be used to develop your own unique product?


What integrations are required to launch your business based on the WhiteFlo system?

Which cryptocurrencies are integrated into WhiteFlo?

Which fiat currency is integrated within WhiteFlo?

Is there an API in WhiteFlo?

Warranty and Security

What guarantees does WhiteFlo provide to its customers for the code?

Security policy

Costs and Delivery


What is the form of software delivery for WhiteFlo?

What can I do with the purchased software, are there any restrictions?


How much does WhiteFlo cost, and what is the pricing structure?

What additional costs are associated with the operation of the software to expect?


What do you get when you buy WhiteFlo?

Will I get all the modules by purchasing one of them?

How quickly can I launch WhiteFlo?

Will I get new features from the roadmap if I buy WhiteFlo?